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Admired for his multi-talented diversity and versatility of subjects and themes, Kurt has initiated  new and exciting endeavors in contemporary fine art.


Represented in these fashionable new works, is a genre utilizing still life objects and subjects in a sensual setting and subject matter.  Incorporating the use of negative space combined with intensity of bold color and amplified light and shadow.  These unique paintings convey a representational semi-abstract style with a quantizieren element and effect.


Aside from his renowned  visionary,  landscapes, and space art themes  depicting  both  surreal  and

representational styles, Kurt brings to the canvas these compelling creations of aptitude for the discerning collector.


These stylish visuals serve to stimulate the viewer with a sense of sensual mystery and erotic intrigue, enhanced with an esthetic artistic flair.




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Electric Nights
Sylvester Nacht
 Desire Me Red